Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Faux Sea Turtle Tracks

FYI: When your baby crawls around the sand like this, the tracks he leaves behind resemble a sea turtle's.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Went Away on Vacation...

I went away on vacation and all I did was play with dead fish.

If Keegan was going to write a paper on his vacation, that is what he might say. Although, that's not ALL he did. That's just what he did for 30 minutes or so during our second day at Nema and Baboo's beach house.

While we were there we met a great couple who was fishing on the beach. I had already chatted with them once about what they were catching, their bait, and how wonderful the beach and city was. So, Keegan felt comfortable enough to approach them again and look in their bait bucket. I followed and pointed out the dead mullet. Of course, he is a curious toddler and wanted to HOLD the dead mullet. I tried to dissuade him, but he was pretty adamant about touching it. So the woman said she didn't mind him touching it. I figured it was no worse then handling the dead fish at Sea World, the ones you feed to the seals and dolphins.

So he pulls a mullet out and talks to it. Next he makes it swim in the bait water. Ewww. Then he pulls a second mullet out and they start kissing. "Muah." Then I hear a little conversation going, with the word "Nemo" thrown in every now and then. Now Keegan does say "fish", but certain fish he calls "Nemo". Not really sure why some are "Nemo" and others are simply "fish", but that is how it is at our house.

So next the gentleman catches a fish and reels it in. He shows Keegan, but the fish is too small so he throws it back. Keegan thinks it is a FABULOUS idea and tries to throw the dead mullet in the water, too. Now Kevin, the lady and I thought it was hilarious, but I think when your toddler tries setting frozen dead bait free in the ocean its time to say good-bye to the nice folk and move on.

Still, who knew you could have so much fun playing with dead fish?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Beast!

When you have two kids of the same gender, I think you can't help but compare more. Because if they are a boy and a girl, you can always atrribute the differences to gender. But I have two very different boys. Keeg was my mellow baby and a very easy-going toddler. He is still a toddler with toddler tendencies (climbing, screeching, running). But overall, easy. Lochlan is my mover and shaker. Crawling at 7 months. Pulling up came shortly after. Very social. Keegan is about details. Lochlan is a big-picture kinda guy.

Finally, Keegan is a slow and steady grower. He is around the 10th percentile for height and weight. Lochlan is a BEAST. Here are his stats from his 9 month appointment!
22.13 pounds (80th percentile)
30 inches (93rd percentile)
His head is 17.75" - which is 48th percentile. His head is average. Which is good. He'll always find a hat that fits.

Let's compare with Keegan. Keegan wasn't 30" until he was 16 months old. He was 28.5" at 9 months. Their weight is close. Keegan was almost 22 pounds at 9 months. That makes for a very chubby Keegan when he was that age. Lochlan is a little leaner, but solid.

I really look forward to watching them grow and seeing how they each define their own identity through the years.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it Delivery? No! It's DiGiournio!

It was late, around 7:30 pm. The kids and I already had dinner. Keegan and I ate pizza, while Lochlan had something more baby-appropriate. I put the kids in the bath, where they were happily splashing. Kevin comes home from work, grabs a slice of pizza and wanders over to the bathroom to watch the boys play in the water. When Lochlan sees Kevin with the slice of pizza, he pulls himself up excitedly and tries to catapult over the edge of the tub. I help him out and he quickly crawls to Kevin and pulls himself on his leg, bawling. Is it "Daddy" he wants? Noooo... it's his PIZZA. Kevin gives him a piece of sausage, which we have done before, but NO! That is not what Lochlan wants, as he ignores it and continues to cry. So Kevin gives him a chunk of pizza and Lochlan happily munches away. Eight months old. Two teeth. Eating pizza.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fabulous Foto Friday

Okay - not so funny. But very fabulous photo of a frog on my Plumeria.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Live Wire

"He is a Live Wire," says the librarian. She is talking about Keegan, as he just undid the 5 point harness that was "restraining" him in the double Combi stroller. Actually, it was more of a Houdini move. He managed to pull both arms out of the shoulder restraints. Then he took his shoes off and pulled his legs out of the lap restraints as he scooted up the back of the stroller.

"Uhm, yah," I respond. As he then wriggles under the lap bar and goes running down an aisle, sans shoes to make the pitter patter of his size 6 wide feet even more silent. At least he was quiet. Considering she saw that my son just took off in a massive library, I was wondering why she was taking her time handing me the books I was trying to check out.

"At least he enjoys the library," she continues.

"Yup," I say. "He loves it here."

Honestly, it's an awesome new library. When we first visited it a few weeks ago, Keegan was so well-behaved, taking in the wide selection and massive amount of space. But now he treats it like a second home, as he braves every aisle with just a brief look back to make sure I am following. And the librarians are pretty cool, letting kids be kids as long as they aren't too disruptive.

As I follow him, making sure he stays out of trouble I start to wonder. I always thought of Keegan as my mellow kid. But maybe I just have to own up to the fact I have a very active little boy on my hands. How should I handle it. Do I let him have his independence and explore, or do I curtail this lil' bit of insanity. But the truth is, I love his personality. Yes, he keeps me on my toes. But you should always handle live wire with care.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know that Giddy Feeling?

It's not just when you meet your true love. Well, maybe it is. But in this case I must have a few true loves. Because one of the best things about being a mom is when I get that giddy feeling just hugging and loving on my little ones. Goodness, my boys are perfect. They just fill my heart with fluffy ol' love.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Mama!

What can I say? Sometimes you just got it... a fever that is. It happens to the best of us - even moms. Keegan was sick on Thursday, with fevers climbing to over 103 degrees. Followed by Lochlan on Saturday night through Sunday with a fever ranging to the 101's. Followed by their dear, exhausted mother, with a fever ranging in the one-oh-twos. Now, when I worked out of the house I remember that if I was going to get sick, it would inevitably come Friday night and I would be ill all weekend and get better just in time to go to work on Monday. But now that I stay home with the kiddos, it seems to work the other way. Rather than getting sick on the weekends, when my husband is home to help, I get sick on Monday when he is busy with client meetings, catching up on work and earning the paycheck we use to survive.

So, you may ask how Monday went with me having a fever. Uhm, I think it was probably similar to Lord of the Flies or something. Maybe that is too brutal, but it was definitely a return to basic needs and survival. Pretty much I dragged my body around and laid down by the boys while my toddler and baby played. Now, normally I say having a mobile 8 month old is HARD. But in this case, it did help since he pretty much entertained himself and used me as a jungle gym. Also, is it just coincidence that I leave him to fend for himself (under adult supervision) for a day - and now he can STAND on his own??? So, a little independence definitely leads to an evolution of milestones on Lochlan's part! Haha! Well, the boys better not get too used to it, because this mama is on the mend, with a low grade fever (99's) and I expect by tomorrow we'll be wheeling around the neighborhood to make up for being cooped up in the house.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny Foto Friday! #3

How can you not love this face? Kissy kissy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

R.E.M. S.L.E.E.P. Find Out What It Means to Me

Sing along!

R.E.M. S.L.E.E.P. Find Out What It Means to Me.
R.E.M. S.L.E.E.P. Need some soon you see.

Oh, a little sleep.
Yah Baby, I wanna little sleep.
Now I get tired, but I keep tryin'.
Runnin' out of energy, and I ain't lyin'.
Yes, sleep. All I need is R.E.M. sleep.

Okay, a bad mockery of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Arethra Franklin. But that song hit me at around 3 am last night. And I dedicate it to my little monster - Lochlan.

Now, I theorize that a lack of sleep is taking a toll on me. Do you know HOW important REM is?

1. Memories are consolidated during REM. No REM = uh...you know...when you can't remember squat. What's the word? Uhm...yah, forgetful. Makes you forgetful.

2. REM sleep is necessary for proper central nervous system development. Deprivation can result in behavioral problems, permanent sleep disruption and decreased brain mass. So you wonder why I am a little cranky?

3. REM sleep loss leads to several behavioral and physiological abnormalities. By the way, have you met my sister Flo? (You know, the blue fish from Finding Nemo that thinks she has a twin sister but it really is her reflection. Honestly, it takes the fun out of it if I have to explain EVERY joke.)

Anyways, so if I am moody or cranky, I just need some sleep. We're running on 8 months of interrupted REM. Not good for my singing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Will Not Brag...

Because if I brag, it will stop. I learned my lesson with Lochlan. I was all excited that he slept through the night for a week before our 3 month visit to the pediatrician. I told my online chat board. I told my family. I told my friends. And you know what, for the past 5 months I've been getting up on average once a night. Sometimes twice - or more. And sometimes he throws me a bone and let's me have a night of not getting up, but the whole time I am listening to him coo LOUDLY for an hour in his bedroom before going back to sleep. But more often than not, my 20 plus pound kid is waking up for a feeding in the middle of the night between 2 and 4 am.

That said, I am just informing y'all that Keegan has been dry at night for 11 days or so. Exciting, yes? Ages ago he would wake up dry, but that stopped and I never really forced the issue because he is so small, I figure his bladder is equally as small. And how can you expect a teeny person like Keegan to hold pee for 11 hours? But he has been consistently dry. Of course, I am helping the kid out. Once I realized he was trying hard to be dry at night I now take him to go potty right before bed. So he runs around sans pants for an hour after bath time. Then he goes potty one more time. Then bed. Then he wakes me up in the morning and the first thing we do, once he literally drags mommy out of bed (remember - I am up with Lochlan at some ungodly hour so I am exhausted) he goes potty. And then he is usually dry all day.

Well, I am thinking if he can keep this up for the rest of the year I'll switch him to underwear for bed. Eek. Isn't that exciting?

Anyways. I am not bragging. If someone happens to read this and wants to give Keegan some kudos, then go ahead. But this post was merely informational. :tiny cheer for Keegan:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Daddy Day and the Dinosaurs.

I guess you can say that Keegan is my wingman. Over the past 27 months I definitely notice aspects of his personality that are similar to mine. Demanding. Particular about what he wants. Wants things immediately. Or is that all toddlers? Wait a second... do I actually have the personality of a toddler? Teehee. Seriously now, his personality is similar to mine, down to what he says and how he says it. But he does hang out with me A LOT. And it shows because everything is, "Mommy, Mommy, MOM-MEE!!!" Even if Kevin is inches away from him and I am across the house, he will call me. So it is a good idea to implement Daddy Day.

It started with Busch Gardens. Kevin has a pass and I don't. So rather than me buying a pass and Lochlan going to an amusement park that he can't do anything at - Kevin and Keegan went alone and had a blast. More recently, I was attending a baby shower for my friend Nicole. (Hi, Nicole! Had a blast!) I took Lochlan with me, since he is pretty portable at 8 months old. But Keegan would have been a toddler terror and Kevin would have been bored, so Keegan and Kevin teamed up for another edition of Daddy Day. They went to MOSI for the Dinosaur exhibit and afterwards they went to see Wall-E in the theater.

Funny thing... Kevin says Keegan is super quiet and whispers rather than talks when they hang out just in a twosome. And anyone who has seen me with my boys knows that Keegan is LOUD LOUD LOUD. And Kevin thinks when Keegan is with both him and me, that he is "normal". I don't know, has anyone else ever experienced this? Where the toddler almost has multiple personalities depending on who he hangs out with?

Anyways, Daddy Day was a success, as always. And I think Kevin is looking forward to chilling with just Keegan again. And I look forward to just hanging with just Lochlan, too. Sometimes its tough being the little brother and having to share attention. But when it is just him and Mommy he gets held the whole time and double the kisses.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sometimes when I am out with my boys, I wonder do we scare non-parents and/or soon-to-be parents? Like when Lochlan is screeching at levels that heavy metal listeners would complain about and Keegan is ... well...a little boy.

For example, this is a normal day shopping at my local grocery store. Keegan sits in the toddler seat. Lochlan sits in the infant seat. We get a free cookie from the bakery. (Thank you, Publix!) This distracts Keegan until aisle three. Then he asks for a new cookie.

"Cookie?" he asks inquiringly.

I spend aisle three telling him that he only gets one cookie per supermarket visit, but mommy will make cookies tonight.

Aisle 4, he is out of the cart and walking next to me. Lochlan is eating my coupons.

Aisle 5, Keegan is putting boxes of brownies in my cart. I remove them. Lochlan is eating my checkbook.

Aisle 6, Keegan puts 5 bottles of ketchup in the cart. I remove them. I eye Lochlan suspiciously as my keys are now missing.

Aisle 7, speaking of missing... where is Keegan? Head down Aisle 8. There he is, turning the corner to go back Aisle 7.

"Don't you move, Keegan," I say.

A mom with two kids and an adorable pregnant belly laughs and says, "Like THAT will happen." It sounds snottier than it was. It was more like she got a kick out of it not being her kids.

We move back down Aisle 8, him doing a toddler run. I race him with the huge cart, catch him, stick him in his seat as he arches his back and says, "No, Mommy, no!" Another woman, shopping sans kids, laughs.

Aisle 9 to infinity (how many aisles ARE IN Publix?) he complains and whines, "Mommy Mommy Mommy..." I see the ready-bake cookies, grab a chilled roll of cookie dough and hand it to Keegan. He bops Lochlan with it.

We get to the check out. I take 1/2 digested coupons out of Lochlan's mouth. I remove the soggy remains of my checkbook and decide to use my debit card instead.

Keegan wants to push the green button as I pay. I swipe my debit card. He pushes the green button. Everyone is happy. I put my debit card away. The cashier says,"Uh, he hit cancel... you have to swipe again."


And the cashier says, "Terrible Twos, eh?"

I say, "It's not terrible. Just keeps me busy."

It's not THAT scary, is it? Or am I just used to this by now? Like by caring for them from infanthood, it is such a gradual process of them becoming scary little monsters that I am somehow immune. Like Dr. Frankenstein, I think my creations are beautiful and wonderful. They just cause havoc and mayhem from time to time. Mwa-ha-ha.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Don't Feed the T-Rex

Well, over the weekend we went to an old Florida Attraction called Dinosaur World. Now, tell me - what could two adult Floridians possibly be thinking, going to an outside attraction in AUGUST? Needless to say, it was pretty hot. But overall, it was a great experience for Keegan and Lochlan. It boasts over 150 life size dinosaur statues. Some are small, about the size of Keegan. Others were HUGE, like the mighty T-Rex, towering over Kevin and the kids as I took pictures.

Keegan's vocabulary is expanding, but at Dinosaur World he simply said, "Wow!" as he ran around to look at the different, terrible lizards.

One thing that surprised me was that you didn't just see statues of dinosaurs standing around. There was some carnage, too, as herbivores were attacked by carnivores. And a few carnivores were gored by herbivores protecting their nests. But Keegan walked right on by.

There are picnic spots, both by the playground and in a faux cave system where you can eat a packed lunch. There is no place to buy food there, so bring a cooler! And you can also feed some koi. Just beware the prehistoric koi. (I'm serious).

Good to know: I don't know if this is an annual promotion, but they gave us free passes to come back to the park in December for coming in August. I can't wait to go back when it is cooler and there are less bugs!

And just remember, please don't feed the T-Rex!