Thursday, September 18, 2008

Live Wire

"He is a Live Wire," says the librarian. She is talking about Keegan, as he just undid the 5 point harness that was "restraining" him in the double Combi stroller. Actually, it was more of a Houdini move. He managed to pull both arms out of the shoulder restraints. Then he took his shoes off and pulled his legs out of the lap restraints as he scooted up the back of the stroller.

"Uhm, yah," I respond. As he then wriggles under the lap bar and goes running down an aisle, sans shoes to make the pitter patter of his size 6 wide feet even more silent. At least he was quiet. Considering she saw that my son just took off in a massive library, I was wondering why she was taking her time handing me the books I was trying to check out.

"At least he enjoys the library," she continues.

"Yup," I say. "He loves it here."

Honestly, it's an awesome new library. When we first visited it a few weeks ago, Keegan was so well-behaved, taking in the wide selection and massive amount of space. But now he treats it like a second home, as he braves every aisle with just a brief look back to make sure I am following. And the librarians are pretty cool, letting kids be kids as long as they aren't too disruptive.

As I follow him, making sure he stays out of trouble I start to wonder. I always thought of Keegan as my mellow kid. But maybe I just have to own up to the fact I have a very active little boy on my hands. How should I handle it. Do I let him have his independence and explore, or do I curtail this lil' bit of insanity. But the truth is, I love his personality. Yes, he keeps me on my toes. But you should always handle live wire with care.

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