Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Beast!

When you have two kids of the same gender, I think you can't help but compare more. Because if they are a boy and a girl, you can always atrribute the differences to gender. But I have two very different boys. Keeg was my mellow baby and a very easy-going toddler. He is still a toddler with toddler tendencies (climbing, screeching, running). But overall, easy. Lochlan is my mover and shaker. Crawling at 7 months. Pulling up came shortly after. Very social. Keegan is about details. Lochlan is a big-picture kinda guy.

Finally, Keegan is a slow and steady grower. He is around the 10th percentile for height and weight. Lochlan is a BEAST. Here are his stats from his 9 month appointment!
22.13 pounds (80th percentile)
30 inches (93rd percentile)
His head is 17.75" - which is 48th percentile. His head is average. Which is good. He'll always find a hat that fits.

Let's compare with Keegan. Keegan wasn't 30" until he was 16 months old. He was 28.5" at 9 months. Their weight is close. Keegan was almost 22 pounds at 9 months. That makes for a very chubby Keegan when he was that age. Lochlan is a little leaner, but solid.

I really look forward to watching them grow and seeing how they each define their own identity through the years.

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Felicia said...

You have super cute kids! Love you site!