Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Went Away on Vacation...

I went away on vacation and all I did was play with dead fish.

If Keegan was going to write a paper on his vacation, that is what he might say. Although, that's not ALL he did. That's just what he did for 30 minutes or so during our second day at Nema and Baboo's beach house.

While we were there we met a great couple who was fishing on the beach. I had already chatted with them once about what they were catching, their bait, and how wonderful the beach and city was. So, Keegan felt comfortable enough to approach them again and look in their bait bucket. I followed and pointed out the dead mullet. Of course, he is a curious toddler and wanted to HOLD the dead mullet. I tried to dissuade him, but he was pretty adamant about touching it. So the woman said she didn't mind him touching it. I figured it was no worse then handling the dead fish at Sea World, the ones you feed to the seals and dolphins.

So he pulls a mullet out and talks to it. Next he makes it swim in the bait water. Ewww. Then he pulls a second mullet out and they start kissing. "Muah." Then I hear a little conversation going, with the word "Nemo" thrown in every now and then. Now Keegan does say "fish", but certain fish he calls "Nemo". Not really sure why some are "Nemo" and others are simply "fish", but that is how it is at our house.

So next the gentleman catches a fish and reels it in. He shows Keegan, but the fish is too small so he throws it back. Keegan thinks it is a FABULOUS idea and tries to throw the dead mullet in the water, too. Now Kevin, the lady and I thought it was hilarious, but I think when your toddler tries setting frozen dead bait free in the ocean its time to say good-bye to the nice folk and move on.

Still, who knew you could have so much fun playing with dead fish?

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