Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it Delivery? No! It's DiGiournio!

It was late, around 7:30 pm. The kids and I already had dinner. Keegan and I ate pizza, while Lochlan had something more baby-appropriate. I put the kids in the bath, where they were happily splashing. Kevin comes home from work, grabs a slice of pizza and wanders over to the bathroom to watch the boys play in the water. When Lochlan sees Kevin with the slice of pizza, he pulls himself up excitedly and tries to catapult over the edge of the tub. I help him out and he quickly crawls to Kevin and pulls himself on his leg, bawling. Is it "Daddy" he wants? Noooo... it's his PIZZA. Kevin gives him a piece of sausage, which we have done before, but NO! That is not what Lochlan wants, as he ignores it and continues to cry. So Kevin gives him a chunk of pizza and Lochlan happily munches away. Eight months old. Two teeth. Eating pizza.


-B- said...

Greta also loves pizza already, though we try to only give her the crusts when Dave's done with his slice. LOL - Funny what the second kid gets to do so much earlier, huh?

Erin Tales said...

Oi. Tell me about it. First time moms would probably gasp reading this post. I know I would've. LOL!

Melissa said...

That is perfect Erin, sounds like something that would of happened here at our house.