Friday, August 29, 2008

Teething Troubles!

Without a doubt, my little one is suffering from teething. He is so desperate that he chews flip flops, crocs, sneakers and oh-so dangerous toys that are choking hazards and not made for baby chompers. I bought these awesome rubber chew toys made of organic rubber and food-safe paint, and although they are soothing on his gums he is still in discomfort. But now there is a chance I might be able to get my hands on an amber teething necklace! So many of the girls on my chatboard,, have bought and used these necklaces for their children and they rave about them. You can see a review at this awesome blog called Ohana Mama that features great give-aways for moms and kids. And currently they are sponsoring a give-away for an amber necklace from Inspired By Finn.

This is how the necklace works.
They are made of Baltic amber beads that when placed against the skin and allowed to warm up release natural oils that are supposed to help soothe the teething pain.
The necklaces come in varying lengths, colors and bead styles. And they aren't just for teething! They can soothe joint pains and head aches!

So, visit Ohana Mama to find out how you can win one of these awesome necklaces!

Funny Foto Friday!

Lochlan gnawing on Kevin's stubble. That's why we needed the teethers...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Thought I Ordered Pepperoni on this Pizza?

My picky eater amazes me. Honestly, there is not too much Keegan will eat. I joke that he thrives off air. I am lucky if I can get him to eat three meals a day, plus a snack. And what he craves one day - for example blueberries - he then will ignore for months afterwards. But right now we are on a pizza kick. Wait, let me correct that. We are on a pepperoni pizza kick. No...that doesn't sound right either. Oh, we are on a PEPPERONI kick. How is it that a picky eater likes spicy pepperoni?

But it is pretty cute. He'll ask for it breakfast, noon and night. "Pizza," he asks inquiringly. At first I would tell him we only have pizza on Friday evenings, when I would pick up a pepperoni hot-n-ready pizza for $5 from Little Caesars. I would pick all the pepperoni off of it and give it to him, along with one diced up slice. My poor husband and I have only been eating cheese pizza! But then I got smart, and I started buying turkey pepperoni in a package from the grocery store. He finishes it by Friday, and then I pick up a pizza and another package of extra pepperoni. My spicy, picky little boy.

Now, here is the cute story of the day. Yesterday Keegan asked for pizza, and I actually had a frozen one in the freezer. So I took out the package of pepperoni and the frozen pizza and asked which one he wanted. He held onto the frozen box and said, "Pizza!" So I said, ok! Let me cook it. But wouldn't you know, that bugger went straight to his chair to sit, thinking I could just pop it out of the box and serve him. He even pointed at the pizza in the box and knowingly said, "HOT!" No, baby, wishful thinking! It's cold and will need 30 minutes to cook.

By the way, after I cooked it he only ate the pepperoni.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Lochlan is teething. His first teeth popped through at seven months. And to satisfy his sore gums he likes to chew rubber-like substances. Mostly sneakers, flip flops and crocs. He will also chew these glow-in-the-dark, small, made in China, choking hazard aliens his brother owns. None of those items are something I want in my son's mouth, yet he wouldn't chew traditional teethers. So, I did some research and searched online for alien teethers. I thought something about the shape of their oblong heads made them irresistable. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find alien-like teethers called Chan Pie Gnon. They are actually supposed to be mushrooms. And, unlike the alien toys, I can be sure these are safe for Lochlan. They use all natural rubber (phthalate-free) and food quality paint. So, of the threesome I ordered blue Chan who has a nipple-like head and pink Pie, who has knobs like a giraffe on her head. They didn't have yellow Gnon available, who has a ring on his head. These mushroom teethers have big eyes, cute freckles and they SQUEAK. They sound like the birds from the Pixar short For the Birds.

So far, he seems to enjoy these guys. Keegan loves them too, especially bouncing them off of Lochlan's head. Thank god they are made of really soft, flexible rubber.

Lochlan with Pie. Pie and Chan both came from

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Hulk Fan Was Born

As some of you may know, Keegan is quite a fan of The Hulk. It all started with a green T-shirt that his Titi and Tio bought him for Easter. He knew it had The Hulk on it and he would request it when I was getting him dressed in the mornings. He would say, "Hulk?"

Soon after, Kevin went to the bookstore and bought Keegan this great first reader book about The Hulk. It starts off with, "My name is Bruce Banner. A few years ago I was a scientist. I worked on many different experiments. One day something terrible happened. I was working with gamma radiation..." Well, I am sure you know the rest of THAT story. But the point it, Keegan learned that The Hulk wasn't just a monster. He was actually Bruce Banner. And he would point at the picture and say so sweetly, "Bewce Banna".

Now, here is the REAL story of how Kevin is tied around Keeg's teeny fingers. Kevin brought Keegan to the GOH to buy eggs. While there, Keeg pointed down an aisle and said, "Bewce Banna." Kevin says, "Where?" Keeg points again and says, "Bewce Banna". So Kevin follows in that direction where there is a myriad of Hulk dolls and Keegan is all excited saying "Hulk - Bewce Banna - Hulk - Bewce Banna." And then he says the MAGIC words.

"Hulk, please."

So that is how we have become the owner of a Made in China Hulk action figure, that you can pop Bewce Banna - I mean Bruce Banner - in.

So, it all started with A T-shirt. Haha. Thanks, Titi.


Erin Tales

PS: We are guessing Keegan's NEXT words will be either gamma radiation or The Abomination.

Bruce Banner on Display.