Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaky Foto Friday: Haunted Beach House

Here is the last ghost photo from our stay at the haunted beach house. In the master tub upstairs, where we heard all the banging.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Making Decisions

Being a mom is hard, when you know every decision effects your child somehow. How much TV? Which Vaccinations? What Extracurricular Activities?

So, let's talk about Keegan. Keegan is OBSESSED with skeletons. He sees them everywhere, not just on Halloween decorations. But logos on stores, cartoons, surfboards ... if there is a skeleton he points at it excitedly saying "Eleton, Eleton!" And yes, he is still carrying that plastic skeleton doll around with him. And he loves Bones the Skeleton from Where's My Mummy.

So the other morning I was putting DVDs away and he say a skeleton on the cover of the DVD Creepshow. "Eleton, TV?" (My smart kid.) I thought it was hilarious he wanted to watch Creepshow and see the skeleton, but I made a decision. No Creepshow for 2.5 year olds.

Fast forward to that night. Kevin was going to put a movie on to watch, Keegan is in the room. I KNEW Kevin was going to choose an action flick. No matter what it wouldn't REALLY be suitable for a toddler. But a toddler was in the room and would see bits of it, so I thought Keegan should like what's on TV too. So I peered over Kevin's shoulder and said, "How about Ghost Rider?"

You know Ghost Rider? Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) turns into a skeleton that is on fire and punishes bad guys and demons. This sounds awful scary, right? But it is a pretty goofy movie. So we show Keegan the cover and he says, "Eleton!" all happy. We put it on and once the fiery Ghost Rider makes an appearance, Keegan decides its time to stop playing, get cozy with mommy on the couch and just keep shouting "Eleton" with glee! And I keep trying to make this a learning moment, like parenting articles tell you to, as I explain:

"The Skeleton is good! He is catching bad guys!"

I know, it's a stretch. But, it was like Keegan already knew that there was nothign really scary about the movie and that the skeleton was good? So I think he has yet another favorite action figure next to the Hulk, Spiderman and He-Man - Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider.

Honestly, it is not exactly Disney or Noggin. And it's not something we watch every day. But the kid really likes it. And he's not violent and he does not act out. He is very mellow and has a weird thing for skeletons.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Foto Friday: Haunted Beach House

Another photo in front of the fireplace. I see a shadow of little boy and woman...
I am saving the freakiest photo of our stay for Halloween. LOL.

Monday, October 20, 2008

How You Know Your Husband is Cheating

I shouldn't joke. I already told Kevin that I was going to title my post that and he rolled his eyes. I am making a reference to a House, MD episode.

Orange guy: I was playing golf and my cleats got stuck. It hurt a little but I kept playing. The next morning I could barely stand up. … Well, you’re smiling, so I take it that means this isn’t serious. [House pops a couple pills.] What’s that? What are you doing?

House: Painkillers.

Orange guy: Oh, for you. For your leg.

House: No, ’cause they’re yummy. You want one? Make your back feel better. [He hands him one.] Unfortunately, you have a deeper problem. Your wife is having an affair.

Orange guy: What?

House: You’re orange, you moron. It’s one thing for you not to notice, but if your wife hasn’t picked up on the fact that her husband has changed colors, she’s just not paying attention. By the way, do you consume just a ridiculous amount of carrots and megadose vitamins? [Orange guy nods slightly.] Carrots turn you yellow, the niacin turns you red. Find some finger paint and do the math. And get a good lawyer.

Now. Look at this wonderful picture of me my husband took. (I look bad. It was late-ish. We took the kids to this after-hours thing at the Aquarium). My husband walked in front of me and behind me. He took this picture. You think he would have noticed there was something wrong with my V-Neck blouse.

You say: But, Erin, you are not wearing a V-neck blouse.
I say: Uh, yes I am.

Look at the picture again. Doesn't the collar look funny? It's BACKWARDS! OMG! I walked around in public with my V-Neck Blouse on BACKWARDS!

Uhm. I have no more words. Thank you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Freaky Foto Friday: Haunted Beach House

Last Friday I shared a picture from the haunted beach house in front of the fire place. Here is one of the staircase.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Not to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

I can't believe Kevin would think I would announce being pregnant on blogger first. Haha. No - I am NOT pregnant. But he went to visit the Mom Buzz and saw my post about pregnancy tests. His first thought was, "Erin's pregnant?" After a moment of panic, he realized I was talking about how we trusted First Response as our choice of pregnancy tests.

But now I am thinking... a little wickedly. I think if I WERE to become pregnant again in the future I will announce it here first. Don't get too excited, it wont be any time soon! But it will be a sure-fire way of knowing Kevin reads my blog. Mwa-ha-ha.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Freaky Foto Friday

Last week Keegan, Lochlan, Kevin and I went to Nema and Baboo's beach house. Now, last time we were there we heard funny noises and banging coming from upstairs. We told Nema and Baboo, but no one believed us. Here is some photo proof the house is haunted! You see it??? (More to come...)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keegan's New Lovey: No Skin On But He Doesn't Care!

Nema gave me (Keegan) a plastic skeleton to hang up as a Halloween Decoration, since we are too po' to buy our own. Funny enough, the kid adopted it as his new buddy and won't let me hang it up. Here Keeg is playing and SWIMMING with Skeleton.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Did the Shark Have to Die

Karen, Ryan and the kids recently went to Universal Studios. I'll have to get her to send me some photos. *hint*hint* Anyways, they rode Jaws. There really isn't too much a five and three year old can do ride-wise at Universal - Jaws is one of the few attractions both kids could go on. And Skyler really wanted to see the shark, although Lucas ... not-so-much. They tried tricking Lucas into thinking it was only a "boat ride". But he points at the ride on the map with Jaws peeking out of the water and says, "No, it's a shark ride!" But Skyler got her way, and they rode the "boat ride".

If you've been on Jaws you know what happens. Jaws chases the boat, there are explosions, gun shots, lots of heat and fire and then Jaws is killed. At the end of the ride the kids get off and Lucas is quite upset, crying on Ryan about the scary shark. Then Skyler, the instigator who wanted to GO on the ride goes to her daddy too and starts crying. Karen and Ryan are confused. They know why Lucas is crying, but why Skyler? So Ryan asks Skyler why she is upset and she wails:

"But why did the shark have to die???!!!!"


Friday, October 3, 2008

He Get's His Good Looks From His Dad

So I went to Ace Hardware with Keegan and Lochlan the other day. A much-older employee, maybe in his 70s or so, came up to us and started chatting with the boys. How can you blame him, they are darn cute. Then he says to Keegan, "You must get your good looks from your dad."


I think my jaw dropped. Am I that ugly? Did I just not realize how awful I look? What has motherhood done to me? After a few more minutes chatting with Keegan he then says, "Ah, but your mom isn't so bad either."

Okay, that is not making me feel much better. So I finish browsing at Ace, walk across the street back to the car, load Lochlan in his car seat, then I reach for Keegan.

Keegan is wearing a shirt that says:

I Get My Good Looks From My Dad

So here I was, walking through Ace for half an hour devastated that an old man seemed to think I was a hideous ogre, and that Keegan's cute genes came from his daddy. When the man was simply remarking on Keegan's shirt! And I am the one who put the shirt ON Keegan that morning. Hello, Mommy Brain!

So all you parents, beware! Toddler shirts with funny comments might just make you feel inadequate for a minute ...or 30.