Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Thought I Ordered Pepperoni on this Pizza?

My picky eater amazes me. Honestly, there is not too much Keegan will eat. I joke that he thrives off air. I am lucky if I can get him to eat three meals a day, plus a snack. And what he craves one day - for example blueberries - he then will ignore for months afterwards. But right now we are on a pizza kick. Wait, let me correct that. We are on a pepperoni pizza kick. No...that doesn't sound right either. Oh, we are on a PEPPERONI kick. How is it that a picky eater likes spicy pepperoni?

But it is pretty cute. He'll ask for it breakfast, noon and night. "Pizza," he asks inquiringly. At first I would tell him we only have pizza on Friday evenings, when I would pick up a pepperoni hot-n-ready pizza for $5 from Little Caesars. I would pick all the pepperoni off of it and give it to him, along with one diced up slice. My poor husband and I have only been eating cheese pizza! But then I got smart, and I started buying turkey pepperoni in a package from the grocery store. He finishes it by Friday, and then I pick up a pizza and another package of extra pepperoni. My spicy, picky little boy.

Now, here is the cute story of the day. Yesterday Keegan asked for pizza, and I actually had a frozen one in the freezer. So I took out the package of pepperoni and the frozen pizza and asked which one he wanted. He held onto the frozen box and said, "Pizza!" So I said, ok! Let me cook it. But wouldn't you know, that bugger went straight to his chair to sit, thinking I could just pop it out of the box and serve him. He even pointed at the pizza in the box and knowingly said, "HOT!" No, baby, wishful thinking! It's cold and will need 30 minutes to cook.

By the way, after I cooked it he only ate the pepperoni.

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