Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Hulk Fan Was Born

As some of you may know, Keegan is quite a fan of The Hulk. It all started with a green T-shirt that his Titi and Tio bought him for Easter. He knew it had The Hulk on it and he would request it when I was getting him dressed in the mornings. He would say, "Hulk?"

Soon after, Kevin went to the bookstore and bought Keegan this great first reader book about The Hulk. It starts off with, "My name is Bruce Banner. A few years ago I was a scientist. I worked on many different experiments. One day something terrible happened. I was working with gamma radiation..." Well, I am sure you know the rest of THAT story. But the point it, Keegan learned that The Hulk wasn't just a monster. He was actually Bruce Banner. And he would point at the picture and say so sweetly, "Bewce Banna".

Now, here is the REAL story of how Kevin is tied around Keeg's teeny fingers. Kevin brought Keegan to the GOH to buy eggs. While there, Keeg pointed down an aisle and said, "Bewce Banna." Kevin says, "Where?" Keeg points again and says, "Bewce Banna". So Kevin follows in that direction where there is a myriad of Hulk dolls and Keegan is all excited saying "Hulk - Bewce Banna - Hulk - Bewce Banna." And then he says the MAGIC words.

"Hulk, please."

So that is how we have become the owner of a Made in China Hulk action figure, that you can pop Bewce Banna - I mean Bruce Banner - in.

So, it all started with A T-shirt. Haha. Thanks, Titi.


Erin Tales

PS: We are guessing Keegan's NEXT words will be either gamma radiation or The Abomination.

Bruce Banner on Display.

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BPOTW said...

Oh, they know how to get what they want don't they :) Mine's just learning to say "no". We're in for it.

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