Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Did the Shark Have to Die

Karen, Ryan and the kids recently went to Universal Studios. I'll have to get her to send me some photos. *hint*hint* Anyways, they rode Jaws. There really isn't too much a five and three year old can do ride-wise at Universal - Jaws is one of the few attractions both kids could go on. And Skyler really wanted to see the shark, although Lucas ... not-so-much. They tried tricking Lucas into thinking it was only a "boat ride". But he points at the ride on the map with Jaws peeking out of the water and says, "No, it's a shark ride!" But Skyler got her way, and they rode the "boat ride".

If you've been on Jaws you know what happens. Jaws chases the boat, there are explosions, gun shots, lots of heat and fire and then Jaws is killed. At the end of the ride the kids get off and Lucas is quite upset, crying on Ryan about the scary shark. Then Skyler, the instigator who wanted to GO on the ride goes to her daddy too and starts crying. Karen and Ryan are confused. They know why Lucas is crying, but why Skyler? So Ryan asks Skyler why she is upset and she wails:

"But why did the shark have to die???!!!!"


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Swamp Suzie said...

This is true ... at least "Jaws" isn't a hammerhead cuz then Sky would have beat the nonsense out of our boat "captain." No one messes with hammerheads ... they are her favorite.